6th Form
Work Experience

During Year 12, every student will be given the chance to take part in work experience. The process begins in the autumn term, culminating in a week of work experience in the summer term. We work with the Kingston & Richmond Borough EBP to ensure all placements are worthwhile and safe. Students are encouraged to carefully consider the work placement they choose to ensure the placement is purposeful and enables them to gain an understanding of an area of industry interesting to them.

Pathways CTM (Careers, training and mentoring)

From the beginning of Year 12, students are encouraged to take part in the Pathways CTM programme. This programme engages students to participate in networking and career building events, such as creating a video CV and workshops where students can develop skills required to enter and succeed in the current labour market.

Work & Training Fair

During April of Year 12 and 13, students will be encouraged to attend the annual Richmond upon Thames College Work & Training Fair, which attracts many local and national employers. This event is particularly useful for students who do not plan to go to university, to help inform and prepare them for imminent working life.

For students who are not interested in going to university, they are encouraged to attend all careers events on offer and use these opportunities for networking. Additionally, we have strong links with our borough providers Way 2 Work as well as Step Forward which is a paid year in industry geared towards students who are leaving school in Year 12 and Year 13.

Professional Portfolio
All 6th formers have time to build an online professional portfolio through ULAS where they can develop a general CV, as well as tailored industry CV’s according to their interests. They log their experiences, their transferable skills and also use the platform as a source of finding opportunities within the world of work.