CASCAiD is a careers product, designed to help students explore careers. 
  • Launchpad is ideal for students in Key Stage 3
  • Kudos for students in Key Stage 4 and 5 

Students will be registered by the Careers Coordinator and can then use the product from any computer with internet access.

The Prospects Career Planner has a free careers test which you can register to use. 

The Buzz is a free personality profile quiz based on Carl Jung and Myers-Briggs testing. Each question asks you to choose between two traits. From your answers The Buzz can identify you as one of 16 personality types, and gives you information about your personality type and careers you might suit. The quiz takes around five minutes to complete.

123 Test has a variety of psychological tests which can relate to the workplace, such as the Myers Briggs test, DISC test, values and IQ tests.

Register on the My Career Springboard website with your name and email address and take the free Career Test (20 mins to complete) to discover areas of industry which suit your personality and skills. Use the Career Exploration Tool to find out more about jobs which might suit you.

The SPARTAN Test is a free image-based quiz. There are four sections with 12 images in each where students select the image which represents them the most. The quiz takes around 15 minutes to complete and results are immediate.