Houses Shield

At Richmond Park Academy all students are placed into one of the four houses when they join. They are:

Churchill's Bulldogs   St George's Dragons   Nightingale's Foxes   Shakespeare's Lions

Students earn House Points for their House by taking part in House activities. They can also earn a House Point for every Vivo they earn. These can be given by staff for excellent work or attitude in lessons; for extracurricular participation or for doing something exceptional around the school.

Upcoming Events

A list of events for the autumn term will appear here.

Previous Events

RPA Bake Off 1st: Jeni (7R1) 2nd: Megan B (7R3)
Come Dine With Me
Table Tennis Tournament1st: Luke S (8R2)2nd: Marghub (9R4)
5-a-side Football Tournament
Spaghetti Tower1st: Lions (7R4) 
House QuizBulldogs (2)Bulldogs (26)
 Foxes (19)Bulldogs (21)

Current House Points

As of 21 December 2016

St George's Dragons 5,970
Nightingale's Foxes 7,418
Shakespeare's Lions  6,994
Churchill's Bulldogs 5,970

Sports Day Winners

2011 Shakespeare's Lions
2012 Nightingale's Foxes
2013 St George's Dragons
2014 Nightingale's Foxes
2015 Nightingale's Foxes
2016 Nightingale's Foxes