Every Richmond Park Academy student is signed up to G Suite for Education. These Google accounts include a Gmail address and unlimited online storage on Google Drive. However, there is much, much more bundled in with these accounts. Within Google Drive, you can use Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings and Forms. These staple apps are automatically added to each account and allow you to do most of your work online. Then there are hundreds of apps you can add to your Google account. There is also a multitude of extensions that you can add to your Google Chrome browser. The only difficulties are knowing which apps are best, and which ones to trust. There is a five-star rating system on each Google App, and user's comments can help make your decision. However, on this page, you will find only tried and tested apps that you can attach to your Google account. 

Unless specified otherwise, the normal way to add these apps is to go to Google Drive, hit the NEW button, hover or more click on + Connect more apps.


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Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Lucidpress logo
If you are writing a simple letter or text-only document then all you need is a simple word processor such as Google Docs. When your project is a little more advanced (e.g. newsletters, magazines, etc.) and more graphics are required then you would be better off using DTP. There is one standout online package called Lucidpress and RPA has access to educational accounts for all its students. This application is similar to Microsoft Publisher, but with Lucidpress you work online and your files are saved in Google Drive. The RPA Student Council have been using Lucidpress to collaborate on creating their newsletter; a group of people can work on a project simultaneously in much the same way as Google's Docs, Sheets etc. Click here or on the Lucidpress logo then choose the option to 'sign up with Google'.

File Conversion

Cloudconvert logo
Do you need to convert a Google Doc into a PDF file? Want to turn a PDF file into a JPG image? Or do you need a WAV music file in MP3 format? Then Cloudconvert is what you need. Once you have this app connected to your Google account there is very little that you can't convert. The free account comes with some restrictions, such as 1gb maximum file size and 25 minutes of conversion time in one day. Files convert much faster in the cloud so expect your files to be ready in seconds. There is even a full explanation of file types for those that are interested.

Image Editing

There are lots of options in this category but here are a few tried and tested apps. PicMonkey could end up being your first choice for quickly resizing, enhancing and cropping an image. In addition to those features, you can apply effects, add a frame, write some text and add an overlay. Like most apps you will be constantly seduced into trying out the 'advanced version' but you can quite happily edit away to your heart's content without paying a penny. Polarr Photo Editor does most of the things that PicMonkey does, but in a more professional looking setting - it's worth a try.

For a Photoshop-type experience, you could try Pixlr Editor, but unfortunately, this app is becoming infested with advertising. If you can ignore the fact that more than a quarter of your screen is taken up by sponsors, (for students at RPA this may be a blank space as the firewall blocks most advertising) there are some great tools not found in other image editing apps and you can also work in layers.

Visual Communication

Lucidchart logo
According to Lucidsoftware "Lucidchart is your solution for visual communication. Online flowcharts, diagrams, UML sketches and ER models have never been easier." Lots of projects should begin with a flowchart, especially coding projects, and, although there are various other online apps that do the same thing, this is definitely one of the best. Click here or on the Lucidchart logo then choose the option to 'sign up with Google'.