Year 10 Team

Year Leader - Ms H Hunter

Pastoral Support: Mr R Tyson
SLT Line Manager: Mr J Cook

Tutors & Co-tutors
10R1 - Mr R Lowe & Ms J Gordedo
10R2 - Ms B Wardlaw & Ms N Sivaloganathan
10R3 - Mr K Martin
10R4 - Mr J Stone & Ms M Ebdon
Dear Year 10,

You are about to embark on the most important two years of your life. They represent the foundations of your future and will determine your individual success. It is important that you begin Year 10 ready for hard work and commitment. We are no longer in Key Stage 3 and it is now over to you to take control of your destiny and grab the opportunities that education provides and walk through the doors that it opens. You are extremely lucky to have a fantastic, resourceful and enthusiastic staff at Richmond Park Academy at your disposal. So use their knowledge and expertise wisely to enable growth and enrichment.

I am extremely proud to be your Year Leader and look forward to working hard and supporting you to achieve your goals this year. You are bright, fun, unique and are capable of greatness. It is your time to shine and take the challenges school provides and make every day count. Remember our year group motto is “Pride” so be proud of yourself and what you can achieve and make your best better.

Good luck in Year 10.

Year 10 Documents

Work Experience

Each Year 10 student will complete a week of work experience from 10 - 14 July 2017. This will be organised through RPA in conjunction with Kingston & Richmond Education Business Partnership (KREBP) - part of our borough team. More information can be found in the letter that was sent to parents and carers and in the presentation below.


In Year 10 there are many opportunities to receive positive praise and reward.

Each week in assembly the winning tutor group is revealed. The criterion for winning each week is based on the conjoint effort of every member of the form. We add up achievement points, good attendance but also subtract any behaviour points and late arrivals.

The rewards are as follows:
  • every half term : the overall winning tutor group receives a film and popcorn in tutor time
  • end of term: the overall winning tutor group receives pizza during tutor time.
Students who receive ten or less behaviour points throughout the year will be taken on a reward trip. This year we are visiting the new 'Total Wipeout' style aqua park that opened near Thorpe Park during the summer.

Ms Hunter