A note from Ms Bird

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Year Leader - Ms K Bird

Pastoral Support: Mr B Smith
SLT Line Manager: Ms S Edwards

Tutors & Co-tutors
7R1 Mr M King & Ms A Desmond
7R2 Mr S Frend & Ms A Robert-Nicoud
7R3 Ms M Judd English & Ms K Pritchard
7R4 Ms R Russell & Mr J Chevous
7R5 Ms A Eastham & Ms K Graham / Ms Digby-Thomas
7R6 Ms L Francis
Year 7 is a great year, not only is it the start of a brand new chapter, it is the basis and foundation for the rest of your school career and beyond! It can be scary, you have moved from the top of the school, knowing all the teachers and your way around, to the very bottom. Not only this but you have a much larger school, with a lot more teachers and lots more students! However, do not fear.

Will it take hard work? Yes. Will it sometimes be overwhelming? Yes. Will it be a significant change from year 6? Yes.

But, these are actually very positive skills that you need to learn to stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. At RPA we have high expectations, this means that getting organised and independent are vital and will, in turn, ensure you achieve your very best and you are proud of everything that you do. We are here to help, there are so many different people around the school that are happy to help you develop these characteristics and EVERYONE wants you to do well.

If we work together then we will achieve great things, it is as simple as that. It is always important to remember the school ethos - PARKS. Take pride, from school uniform to a difficult piece of homework. Aspire to be your very best, do not compare yourself with others but fully understand what you are capable of and then try and see if you can go even further. Be resilient, senior school is difficult but giving up at the first sign of a challenge is only going to make life much harder. You can do anything you put your mind to, intelligence, confidence and communication can all be developed and grown, there is no limit to what you are capable of if you try. There are lots of you in the year and the school so be kind. I am not expecting you to be best friends with everybody; I am however expecting you to be kind, considerate and empathetic to everybody in the year group to ensure we work well as a community.

What’s been happening and what’s coming up?

So far…
The Year 7s have made excellent progress and are settling in well. I am pleased to see new friendships developing and a real community of Richmond Park Academy students.

Aid boxes
As a student in Year 7, your child will be going to create an aid box for refugees in Syria in their tutor group. There are 21 items on the list and together we can create life-saving and life-changing packages to help others suffering in the world.

All students should have joined at least one club by now to help them meet others in their year group and the school. There is a plethora of clubs available for all students and it is important that they take these opportunities.