Year 9 Team

Year Leader: Mr C Trace

Pastoral Support: Ms T Hunter
SLT Line Manager: Dr J Johnston

Tutors & Co-tutors
9R1 Ms J Lawal
9R2 Ms H Underwood
9R3 Ms M Cronin & Ms Y Berry
9R4 Ms L Homewood
9R5 Mr H Bouri-Ward
9R6 Ms S Schmitt
9R7 Mr J Harrison
All of our Year 9 students are supported throughout the GCSE Options process.

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Starting in the autumn term, teachers and support staff work with students to enable them to understand the need to make appropriate and aspirational choices for their GCSE’s. Year 9 students work with the Careers Co-ordinator to register on Cascaids Launchpad careers site. This enables students to discover how their option choices impact upon their future learning and career. They can use the site to discover and research what matters to them, such as; careers and labour-market information, personal learning and thinking skills, subjects, and action planning.

The Options Evening for students and parents/carers takes place Thursday 9 March from 6.00pm until 7.30pm. Students along with their parents/carers can talk to subject teachers to discuss the suitability of specific subject choices for the student. Students receive their own booklet covering all of the possible option choices which they can keep for further information.

Students with additional needs are met by the Careers Coordinator to discuss their choices. All Year 9 students are offered a personalised programme of learning and any alternative programmes are offered at our discretion, to those students who need it the most.